Online couples counseling in Texas

Assessment Process

What is a new couple assessment like?

Like John Gottman, I firmly believe that we can’t fix what we don’t understand. Consequently, I guide couples through a very thorough Gottman protocol based tehelealth assessment.

Prior to our first meeting couples complete The Gottman Connect online questionnaire that is comprised of 100+ research-based questions designed to analyze your relationship’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

Next, we meet for a 4 hour session together. The assessment is typically completed in one morning and is formatted as follows:

* Hour 1 Joint Couple Session: We discuss what brings you to therapy, relationship strengths, your goals and relationship history.

* Hour 2 & 3 Individual Sessions with each partner: We discuss your story separate from your relationship. We explore topics such as your family of origin, primary caregivers and personal strengths you bring to the relationship.

* Hour 4: Joint Couple Session: Finally, the fourth hour we look at your relationship and compare your Gottman Connect online test results to what John Gottman’s research tells us makes relationships successful. Couples will receive a summary of their test results and therapeutic recommendations via email.

Couples leave their assessment meeting with a plan for therapy based on their goals, their relationship strengths and research based interventions. Most importantly, however, couples leave their new couple assessment with hope. It is my goal that couples leave their assessment excited about their path forward to creating the relationship they long for.

I reserve Friday mornings from 9-1pm for new couple assessments. I can be flexible on the time if this doesn’t work with your schedule.