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Susan Wade - Fort Worth Therapist

Susan Wade, LCSW
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I have experience helping couples:

Become friends again

Rekindle sex/intimacy

Learn to communicate effectively and openly

Heal infidelity and betrayal

Recognize & heal emotional affairs

Avoid or de-escalate volatile arguments

Release old resentments

Navigate the chaos of addiction

Support a partner in recovery and/or 12-Step programs

Change old habits and patterns

Escape from repeated cycles of conflict

Cope with crises, loss, illness, and death

Negotiate second marriages; blending families

Teach conflict-avoidant couples how to have difficult conversations

Facilitate compromise on gridlock issues including:

  • household chores
  • money
  • parenting
  • new parenting
  • family-work balance

Learn to grow as couple while honoring individual goals and dreams

Create new relationships with the same partner

“The greatest gift a couple can give their baby is a loving relationship.”

The average couple waits

6 Years

before seeking help for marital problems.


Dr. John Gottman reports that stable marriages have a 5:1 ratio of positivity to negativity during conflict.

“The Four Horsemen” – criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling – predict early divorcing



“Almost everyone messes up during marital conflict. What matters is whether repairs are successful.”


of the time, women bring up issues in heterosexual relationships.


of new parents experience a precipitous drop in couple satisfaction in the first three years of the baby’s life.

“Everything positive thing you do in your relationship is foreplay.”

Quotes and statistics by John Gottman.